Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So, I've finished about 500 (about) since the last time I shared my knitting.  So here's a very belated list:

I made some mittens!  Out of some very wooly wool that I got at a farmer's market and they will hopefully be very warm.  I might end up lining them with something not so itchy.  Still not sure if I like them though.  Blocking now; they were actually still damp when I took this photo.  Mmm, damp wool....

And I made some very wooly and warm socks out of the same wool!  Also I made a pair of purple socks last year.  Guess which one is which.  

 Finished this cardigan.  Think I like it.  Not so sure about the buttons, but I can always change that.

Finished this hat last night and I looooove it.  And I didn't even think that I liked hats.  Apparently I just never met the right hat.  Now if I could only knit myself the right man.  
That was a weird sentence.  
It's that kind of night.  

The end!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Meme

Becky from BeckyKnitsToo tagged me for this meme, and I thought it was a good one so I decided to do it.  And in turn, I tag everyone who is reading this!!!!  Make a list of pet peeves and the opposite of pet peeves, more happy than annoying.  

Pet Peeves vs Happy Things

Pet Peeves:

My airmattress (note previous post)

When people tap me on the shoulder.  You don’t need to invade my space, just say my name. 

When you’re gold tooling and the gold will just NOT stick and you have no idea why. 

Windy days.  I hate wind.  Also fans blowing directly on me. 

Happy things:

When people leave their dog tied up around a lamppost while they’re in a store or a restaurant so I can take my time petting and talking to the dog without bothering it's owner or making them think I’m crazy.    Obviously, the dog should be tied up in a happy and humane way on a lovely day, or then it would turn into a pet peeve. 

Buying a ton load of carrots, blanching them, and freezing them so I can make something with carrots on a day when I don’t want to leave my apartment.  This also applies to green peppers. 

Rearranging the things on my walls. 

Happy houseplants. 


Oh man, pie needs to be listed twice

Also those dark chocolate Kit Kats you find in Europe but I can’t seem to find here.  

Monday, October 10, 2011

My Air Mattress: An Epic

Purchased air mattress and air pump last winter for when my mom came to visit.  Discover on the first night that air pump has a DC connector and does not fit into a normal wall socket.  Sleep on couch cushions and pillows.  

The next day purchase a new pump that plugs into the wall.  Discover when we want to go to sleep that pump needs several hours to charge before it will actually work.  Go to sleep very late on inflated mattress.

In the spring a friend comes to visit.  Discover that pump no longer works.  Laugh hysterically.  Sleep on cushions. 

Purchase new (and better) pump. Friend visits this fall, mattress is slept on successfully for all three nights!!!

Mom visits this weekend.  Discover around midnight that air mattress has a hole in it and has completely deflated. Wonder why I cannot have visitors over.  Sleep on cushions. 

Find and repair hole in mattress.  One night of successful mattress sleeping.