Sunday, May 27, 2012

Public Service Announcement(s)

I really hate bandaids, I think they're disgusting. I don't understand how they help the open-wound situation, they might keep it clean but they're also creating a warm, dark, moist environment – don't germs love that kind of thing? Or at least that's what I'm thinking when I'm wearing one. And then they fall off every time you wash your hands, and even when you don't wash your hands they just start to fall off for no good reason when you're grocery shopping or something like that and it's really annoying.

And then las week I tried to hack my finger off with a chisel. I'm fine, I was assured that I did not need stitches, but I should use these butterfly bandaids. 

 They worked great to keep my disgusting wound from popping back open (sorry if that just grossed you out), but only for awhile because they kept falling off, I went through 5 in about two hours.

But then I found liquid bandage. Have you tried this stuff (or superglue, I'm sure that works just the same)?   It's awesome. 

 You paint it on to your wound and it creates a protective seal around it and glues it back together. Envision putting clear nail polish on a cut, but without the weird factor (well, less of the weird factor.  And probably less of the chemicals too, although I'm not sure of that).  No gross bandaids to make wounds fester, no taping bandaids to your hands to keep them from falling off, and I can wash my hands as often as I'd like! I do have to reapply every hour or so, but I'm okay with that.

I just wanted everyone to know about this in case you didn't already.  I'm never using a normal bandaid again.  

Also, keep your hands BEHIND the chisel. I'm not a woodworker for a reason.

And finally, a note to all Boston Tourists: Please let passengers OFF the train before you get on the train. Calm down, the train will not leave without you!  I promise!  

Saturday, May 12, 2012

still living

Please note:  I'm still alive.  Just getting ready for graduation, applying to every job in the world, looking for a place to live, etc etc....


Went to a parchment making workshop at Pergemena, most of it was disgusting

But some of it was less disgusting

We had a huge party for my friend to help her raise money to run in the Boston Marathon (It was a success!)

 And my book got into a two year traveling exhibit.  And when I know more, I'll tell you were to visit it!