Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Friends

I took Roo on a new route for our walk today, past a house I knew used to have horses, but I didn't know if they were still there.  Surely enough, the horses are still around! Or, some horses were still around, I don't know if they're the same horses....  how long do horses live?  How long has it been since high school?  You do the math, I haven't done math since high school.


There were three horses, and one was especially friendly and came right up to the fence to say hello.


But Roo was like:

 And the horse was like:

And Roo was like:

All that was really exhausting, and now Rooney is like:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh, puppies....

I'm in constant flux trying to decide if puppies are adorable and cuddly or a huge pain in the ass.  I'm guessing that's why God made puppies into the cutest thing on earth, because they are so damned annoying no one in their right mind would want them otherwise.

Generally I'm exaggerating, but not always.  Like when we're walking and he decides instead of walking we have to play tug with the leash, and we have a heated 5 minute discussion in the middle of the road about letting go of the leash and then all the neighbors think I'm crazy.  Any recommendations on breaking a puppy of this?  I'll take anything!

We also have long discussions about where we're going to hang out.  Like I say "Hey, we're going to sit on the couch upstairs and you're going to stay up here with me."  And then Rooney says "whine, I want to go downstairs and harass Quinn and see if Dad will give me treats."  And I say "No, because when you're out of my sight you either pee or chew on the carpet." And then he says "WHINE."

Other than these two discussions, we usually see eye to eye.  Today he met his first cat at the pet store, I thought was funny but Rooney was just distraught.  The cat was very brash and followed us all around, keeping right out of reach.  Eventually Roo got so frustrated he just started barking, the cat seemed very pleased with itself.

We're also working on training.  I want one of those dogs that always listens to you, even when there's other fun dogs around or a giant piece of meat or something.  Well, mainly I just want to be able to take him off leash (in safe areas, of course!) and have him always come back when I call him.  We're nowhere close to that, but I've often wondered about dogs that are trained that well.  Is it the training or the disposition of the dog/the breed?  For example, I see border collies who are awesomely trained, and a lot of retrievers will always come when called, and obviously they have been very well trained, but would another type of dog with the same training still do that?  I had a Dalmatian growing up, and even though we didn't spend that much time training her I can't imagine her EVER listening to us that well.  She understood the commands we told her, but she absolutely did not care whether or not she pleased us.  Occasional she would work for food, but to please her masters?  Never.  (On a side note, she was an awesome dog, even if she didn't listen to us).  Do you know any dogs who are that well trained?  Do you have a dog like that?  How do you get a dog like that?!

Whippet mix....  maybe

So that was a lot on dogs.  I'm sorry if this turns into a dog blog.  Well, only a little sorry, I like dogs....

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Rooney says hi!

I've wanted a dog for a really, really long time.  Like, about 5 minutes after I moved to Boston, but before I moved to Boston I thought "I don't want a dog now, so I'm going to move into this place that doesn't allow pets" - and thus I was dogless for two years.  

Now I'm home, looking for a job, living with my parents (boo!  I love them, but seriously, boo!), and the first thing I did was go dog shopping.  Perhaps not entirely responsible of me, perhaps I should have waited until I got a job and a place to live, but what can I say, I'm an incredibly reckless person.  

He's exactly what I was NOT looking for in a dog.  I wanted a female (I don't know why, I just tend to prefer female dogs, there is absolutely no reason why I should have this preference), I wanted them to be out of the puppy stage, about 1-3 years old, and I wanted them to be on the smaller side (but not too small.  like 20 pounds).  Instead I got a male puppy, 4 months old, and he's already 18 pounds with no knowing how big he's going to get.  

But he's a sweetie, and I fell in love with him.  

He's a good pup, surprisingly laid back and well behaved.  I keep thinking that something must be wrong with him, or he's still adjusting and tomorrow he'll wake up and be a little terror just like a regular puppy.  But so far so good!

He's also a cuddler, and I've never had a dog remotely interested in being loved on, so this is a nice change.  

Any guess on the breed?  We're thinking either a whippet or a greyhound with a blue heeler, but honestly, your guess is as good as ours.  

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Old Apartment

Dear Old Apartment:

I'm seriously going to miss you.  Even though you were really small, together we made a really cute apartment.  Hey, I couldn't have done it without your hardwood floors and really big windows.  Even though you had next to no closet space, and your bathroom was so small you had to sit sideways on the toilet (not to mention was tiled in an overwhelming bright blue motif), here are some things I loved about you:

You were 6 minutes away from school, which was awesome

Your kitchen was nearly as big as your living room, which isn't saying much because the living room was small, but the kitchen could have been soooo much smaller

You were in the North End, which sometimes made me feel like I was living in another country

5 minutes from the best yoga studio ever

The old Italian men who sat on that bench outside your windows for hours and cursed at each other and smoked cigars when it as nice out (oh wait, I think I hated that.  I tried to convince myself it was endearing, but it wasn't)

In the winter, the heat from the downstairs apartment rose into my apartment, keeping my electric bills down (ha!)

The drunk people on stumbling down my alley yelling at each other at 2AM (oh wait, hated that too)

So many dogs!!!

Just around the corner from the harbor

You'll always be home