Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Rooney says hi!

I've wanted a dog for a really, really long time.  Like, about 5 minutes after I moved to Boston, but before I moved to Boston I thought "I don't want a dog now, so I'm going to move into this place that doesn't allow pets" - and thus I was dogless for two years.  

Now I'm home, looking for a job, living with my parents (boo!  I love them, but seriously, boo!), and the first thing I did was go dog shopping.  Perhaps not entirely responsible of me, perhaps I should have waited until I got a job and a place to live, but what can I say, I'm an incredibly reckless person.  

He's exactly what I was NOT looking for in a dog.  I wanted a female (I don't know why, I just tend to prefer female dogs, there is absolutely no reason why I should have this preference), I wanted them to be out of the puppy stage, about 1-3 years old, and I wanted them to be on the smaller side (but not too small.  like 20 pounds).  Instead I got a male puppy, 4 months old, and he's already 18 pounds with no knowing how big he's going to get.  

But he's a sweetie, and I fell in love with him.  

He's a good pup, surprisingly laid back and well behaved.  I keep thinking that something must be wrong with him, or he's still adjusting and tomorrow he'll wake up and be a little terror just like a regular puppy.  But so far so good!

He's also a cuddler, and I've never had a dog remotely interested in being loved on, so this is a nice change.  

Any guess on the breed?  We're thinking either a whippet or a greyhound with a blue heeler, but honestly, your guess is as good as ours.  

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  1. Rooney!!!!! He is adorable and my new favorite blog dog. Red blanket pic? My favorite. Congratulations!! There is no joy in being responsible.