Sunday, September 2, 2012

Old Apartment

Dear Old Apartment:

I'm seriously going to miss you.  Even though you were really small, together we made a really cute apartment.  Hey, I couldn't have done it without your hardwood floors and really big windows.  Even though you had next to no closet space, and your bathroom was so small you had to sit sideways on the toilet (not to mention was tiled in an overwhelming bright blue motif), here are some things I loved about you:

You were 6 minutes away from school, which was awesome

Your kitchen was nearly as big as your living room, which isn't saying much because the living room was small, but the kitchen could have been soooo much smaller

You were in the North End, which sometimes made me feel like I was living in another country

5 minutes from the best yoga studio ever

The old Italian men who sat on that bench outside your windows for hours and cursed at each other and smoked cigars when it as nice out (oh wait, I think I hated that.  I tried to convince myself it was endearing, but it wasn't)

In the winter, the heat from the downstairs apartment rose into my apartment, keeping my electric bills down (ha!)

The drunk people on stumbling down my alley yelling at each other at 2AM (oh wait, hated that too)

So many dogs!!!

Just around the corner from the harbor

You'll always be home

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