Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I really dislike end of the year reviews.  Like on the news they have the “highlights” from the past year, or the 10 most interesting people of 2011, or the 5000 best commercials of 2011, or the however many whatever from the past year.  I don’t know why I hate them, I just really really do.  They make me anxious.  And a little pissed off. 

I also hate new years resolutions.  Why must I wait until the new year to start a resolution?  It’s so much pressure for something I can really do whenever I want.

I don’t even like new years eve very much.  And by that I mean at all.  I don’t like staying up late, and I don’t really like big parties, and I’m not that impressed with a “dropping” ball (I don’t get it, it moves like 10 feet, who decided this was something to do to celebrate the new year?).

But I DO like Christmas.  See, I don’t hate everything – Merry Christmas!  And if you want to have a happy new year then fine, but that’s your thing.  


  1. I hear you on the making me anxious.

  2. Too funny! One year I made a New Year's resolution to no longer make New Year's resolutions....uh yeah, broke that one too!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!