Sunday, April 1, 2012


For my birthday, my awesome friend Anna gave me the book "Knit Your Own Dog," because she knows that knitting and dogs are my two favorite things in the whole wide world.

This book is great.  The patterns are really thoughtfully put together, and the end result really does look like the dog you were trying to put together.  But I wouldn't quite call these patterns "easy-to-follow" as the cover states.  It includes pretty advanced techniques and when you're finished with the pattern you have about 12 tiny dog parts that look nothing like a dog, and assembling them is not always the most straight forward thing.  But, if you're an experienced pattern reader you will be able to figure it out; if you're a beginning pattern reader, be sure there is someone near you who is an experienced pattern reader who can explain things.

Anyway.  Anna also loves dogs, especially border collies, so of course I need to make her one:

He lives in the bindery now, his name is Bookie (HA!)

And just because this photo is on my desktop, here's my doggie, when he was a puppy:

I need to knit a version of Quinn next.  

And here are some teeny tiny boxes I made, because this photo was on my desktop too.  

Also, a photo of board-tacketing in progress.  

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  1. Bookie looks like real life LizaJane. I'm glad you got that book and knitted a dog. Now I feel like I have done so vicariously and am less inclined to drive myself crazy with the fiddly.