Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Field trip to Green Mountain Spinnery

In Vermont there is a little place called the Green Mountain Spinnery.  I've used their yarn before, and I liked it, and I decided that since I was near Vermont this summer I was going to have to visit.  I had to. Even though it was still over an hour away, there really wasn't another option.  Also, I had to drag my friend Lauren along; she's not a knitter, but she is a good sport.

The shop is tiny, but the woman behind the counter was very kind and let us poke around the spinning-mill part of the building and let us take photos.

I don't know what any of these machines do, but I like them because they make me yarn.

Also, there are just piles of roving everywhere, including outside:

I, of course, bought some yarn.  This yarn specifically, "Sylvan Spirit," a wool/tencel blend.

This photo is completely inaccurate because this yarn isn't nearly this bubble gum pink.  But currently this yarn is in the process of moving, along with all my other belongings, and is packed away somewhere unknown, so a better photo cannot be had!

When we were finished, we asked the kind woman who worked there what else we should see while we were in the area.  She told us to go to Basketville.  I have nothing to say about Basketville that can not be summed up by these photos:

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