Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I'm on a "get rid of everything I own" kick.  Too much stuff makes me feel claustrophobic, and I have way too much stuff.  But even though I want to get rid of everything, I'm having a really hard time doing it.  I know I have pack rat tendencies - I feel like I'm one traumatic event away from becoming one of those crazy ladies on the hoarding shows.  I need to have a long discussion with each object before I get rid of it, about whether or not I will use it again, how easy it would be to acquire another one if I ever decided I wanted it again, and whether or not it has some sort of sentimental value.  I'm driving myself insane, I'm talking to objects!

And not only that, I keep hauling trash bags worth of stuff to Goodwill and nothing seems to be happening!  My space is just as crowded as it was before!  What is happening?


  1. I really need to do the same thing. I have a ton of stuff that I've kept just in case I want it sometime in the future, but I've never used most of it.

  2. I have moved 8 times in the last 10 years...I think moving is the best remedy for getting rid of stuff! You definitely think twice before you pack something if you know you have to pack it up and carry to some place new. Probably not a helpful tip if you aren't moving any time soon. LOL

  3. I've had a couple of rounds of that and have never been happier! Do it. Have those talks with your stuff and then send it off. So far the only thing I've had to replace was a needle and thread a da children's book that I forgot that I like to teach with. When I set up for school this year I didn't have piles of "maybe someday" stuff to deal with. It really is uplifting and I'm cheering you on!