Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The best candy in the world

Do you know about peanut chews?

I feel like it's one of those really old candies that no one eats anymore, mostly because whenever I talk about them no one knows what I'm talking about.  Peanut chews are delicious peanut-and-caramel bars covered in dark chocolate.  Sooooo wonderful.  

And they're even better when you put them in the freezer.  My grandfather really liked them, so my grandparents always had a bag of peanut chews in the freezer.  And Momma always let me have as many as I wanted, and never told mom how many I had eaten :)

Now, I want everyone to go out and buy some of these, because I'm always terrified that they're going to stop making them since no one else seems to know what they are...

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