Monday, October 17, 2011

A Meme

Becky from BeckyKnitsToo tagged me for this meme, and I thought it was a good one so I decided to do it.  And in turn, I tag everyone who is reading this!!!!  Make a list of pet peeves and the opposite of pet peeves, more happy than annoying.  

Pet Peeves vs Happy Things

Pet Peeves:

My airmattress (note previous post)

When people tap me on the shoulder.  You don’t need to invade my space, just say my name. 

When you’re gold tooling and the gold will just NOT stick and you have no idea why. 

Windy days.  I hate wind.  Also fans blowing directly on me. 

Happy things:

When people leave their dog tied up around a lamppost while they’re in a store or a restaurant so I can take my time petting and talking to the dog without bothering it's owner or making them think I’m crazy.    Obviously, the dog should be tied up in a happy and humane way on a lovely day, or then it would turn into a pet peeve. 

Buying a ton load of carrots, blanching them, and freezing them so I can make something with carrots on a day when I don’t want to leave my apartment.  This also applies to green peppers. 

Rearranging the things on my walls. 

Happy houseplants. 


Oh man, pie needs to be listed twice

Also those dark chocolate Kit Kats you find in Europe but I can’t seem to find here.  

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  1. Holy crap-so with you on the personal space. Don't get me started. As to the dog thing- Liza girl would panic if left alone but I relish it when strangers want to love on her as much as I do.