Monday, October 10, 2011

My Air Mattress: An Epic

Purchased air mattress and air pump last winter for when my mom came to visit.  Discover on the first night that air pump has a DC connector and does not fit into a normal wall socket.  Sleep on couch cushions and pillows.  

The next day purchase a new pump that plugs into the wall.  Discover when we want to go to sleep that pump needs several hours to charge before it will actually work.  Go to sleep very late on inflated mattress.

In the spring a friend comes to visit.  Discover that pump no longer works.  Laugh hysterically.  Sleep on cushions. 

Purchase new (and better) pump. Friend visits this fall, mattress is slept on successfully for all three nights!!!

Mom visits this weekend.  Discover around midnight that air mattress has a hole in it and has completely deflated. Wonder why I cannot have visitors over.  Sleep on cushions. 

Find and repair hole in mattress.  One night of successful mattress sleeping.  

1 comment:

  1. Must be cursed...perhaps you can get a futon. No pump required :)