Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So, I've finished about 500 (about) since the last time I shared my knitting.  So here's a very belated list:

I made some mittens!  Out of some very wooly wool that I got at a farmer's market and they will hopefully be very warm.  I might end up lining them with something not so itchy.  Still not sure if I like them though.  Blocking now; they were actually still damp when I took this photo.  Mmm, damp wool....

And I made some very wooly and warm socks out of the same wool!  Also I made a pair of purple socks last year.  Guess which one is which.  

 Finished this cardigan.  Think I like it.  Not so sure about the buttons, but I can always change that.

Finished this hat last night and I looooove it.  And I didn't even think that I liked hats.  Apparently I just never met the right hat.  Now if I could only knit myself the right man.  
That was a weird sentence.  
It's that kind of night.  

The end!!


  1. Good knitIng you stumped me on the socks. Not really. You are a most excellent wearer of the perfect hat so I think that there are others out there that you should try as well. I love magic top mitts I wish I would make some.

  2. Love all the finished knitted things! Have always wanted to make some convertible mittens. Your's look very warm. Love the cardigan too! Great job :)